Friday, November 30, 2012

Special Features Debut!

Hey guys,

If you haven't checked it out from my Facebook or Twitter, Special Features is now online! I know you know what Special Features is because I told you about it when we were recently hanging out at that one place, but when you share this link with your friends, they might not know. No worries! Here's a rundown:

Special Features is a new web series where every episode is a special feature from the fictional film Abraham Lincoln: The Once and Future President. Episodes follow behind the scenes footage and process shots from the set of the Director, Producer, Actors, and everyone else who made the movie happen, woven together through their interviews in the vein of The Office. Episodes follow the story of the troubled independent production through the writers room, the production office, on-set with the camera men and stunt men, and ends at the premiere screening. The director, Cameron, funds the film with his own money, and staffs it with his only friends. Cameron is desperate to hold the sole artistic vision, but has to keep his bossy attitude in check or risk loosing the few people who still return his calls. A proposed second season would be behind the scenes of Cameron's follow-up film to the Lincoln bio-pic, only this time it's studio financed and Cameron can't get his way any more.

Hope you enjoy this project. It was a ton of fun to write with my friends Justin and Josiah, and I think it came out great. Enjoy!