Friday, January 15, 2010

When I Snap My Fingers...

I suck at working. Focusing on what I need to accomplish and just doing the work is probably the hardest thing for me to do. I just spent an hour researching hypnosis preceded by an hour of reading about a creepy guy with a Peter Pan fetish someone posted on facebook. By the way, check the Peter Pan site out. If you thought Renaissance Fairs were really weird before...

Back on topic, the hypnosis research had a purpose, initially. The story I'm not working on this morning is a project I'm way over deadline on that is destroying me. Every time I start working on it, the plot becomes exponentially more complicated and if I stop to sleep at night I'll be too terrified to get started in the morning.

The story is about a detective who is investigating a murder that he has a connection to but doesn't tell his superior. He thinks he knows the girl who was killed, and was black out drunk when it happened. Eventually he even decides he's a possible suspect. From the beginning of the story he's stopped taking his medication, and as a result is becoming more and more bi-polar as the case progresses. He is getting help from a psychiatrist who is helping him piece together his memories from the night in question using hypnosis. I told you it was relevant.

Despite possible irony, I wasted an hour reading about procrastination cures. Unfortunately I don't think any of them would have helped anyway, since I don't believe in hypnosis. I believe that it can actually work for some people, but I believe they have to believe. I am definitely not interested in being hypnotized, therefore I cannot be hypnotized because I won't go along with it.

If you believe in hypnosis I have a very powerful argument against it: If it really worked, why doesn't everyone get hypnotized all the time in order to be the best at everything. Honestly, if it was possible, wouldn't you get hypnotized before the ACT to improve memory, wouldn't soldiers get hypnotized into being braver before combat, think of all the diseases we could cure and money we could save on prescription drugs if we just placebo'd ourselves into wellness through suggestion.

It would be great though, if it were possible. We could save so much time and energy spent in worrying and training. I'd argue that the waiting is an essential part of the human experience but I know no one wants to hear that. For those of us who do eventually overcome our own problems like unhealthy eating, smoking, procrastination, or whatever else hypnosis can be the miracle cure for, nothing can stop us. While it's fun in the plot lines of movies like Shallow Hal or Office Space (it wasn't fun in K-PAX) hypnosis is a cheaters way out of life.

I'm about to get to work, which puts me ahead of the folks who are waiting on hypnosis. In fact, thank god it doesn't really work, or I'd have way to much competition.

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