Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Writin' Dirty Jokes

Most of today was spent writing dirty jokes for my friend Jeff's stand up routine, soon to be a major motion picture. He's the star of a documentary following the start of a career in the laugh business, and I'm the insurance that he doesn't fall on his ass. Topics included handjobs and condom shopping, as well as other high-brow fare.

We try to write what we know.

I've been watching quite a bit of stand up comics in order to get an idea of the genre. I find the jokes hilarious, but the real funny part is watching stand ups over a career.

They all have a great start doing biting political material mixed with politically incorrect material that garners the following. Every show after that is more and more popular but harder and harder to relate to. "What is the deal with being so rich? You know what I'm talking about?" or when they get older and clearly change demographics, "Man, so my wife and I set up our new shared savings account the other day for our third kids college savings. Don't you hate that?"

I believe this project will be hilarious regardless of how funny the jokes are. They are either, a, really funny, or b, he fails as a stand up and the film is still funny. Who doesn't like watching others loose? Despite the relative job security, I am endeavoring to write great material for his show.

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