Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Adventure Trip

Tomorrow is the big, weird, day. I'm going to Wisconsin with some folks I don't know to drink some beers! The whole thing started as part of this project for school to create a one-page proposal for a fake company with a group picked by the teacher. I don't know the folks very well, but we decided to to create a brewery, that gives tours no-less. I manage the attached restaurant.

So in the interest of gathering more information (getting shwasted) we decided to tour a brewery. As in, "Ha ha, we should actually go to a brewery, ha ha." But then I got an email saying "We're going to Wisconsin to tour a couple breweries, ones 6 bucks and unlimited beers, the other is free and only three beers, we'll pick you up at 10:30."

I turned to my comp teacher who I think is a really smart guy and a great writer, "Well I'm not doing that." and he was astounded that I wasn't planning on going. He told me "You're a writer, you have to go on this trip." I countered explaining I don't know any of these people and it's a three hour drive with them, to which he responded, "That's why you have to go!"

So I'm going. The more I think about it the better it seems. He's totally right that in order to have experiences to draw from, you need to jump into cars with strangers and get experiences.* Although I don't know why we're not going to a local Chicago brewery, I don't mind the opportunity to have an adventure road trip.

In other news I wrote a short story today that is dangerous, and I journaled some personal things I wouldn't normally discuss, one is even available on the internet!

Until next time, keep watching the skies.

*I'm not endorsing getting into cars with actual strangers.

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