Wednesday, December 9, 2009

'The TV Set' Review

Here's another review. This one walks the line between my blog and my livejournal. On the one hand it's a movie review which falls clearly under my industry blog, while on the other it's a very personal story that related directly to my own life so it's a journal entry. It's going up here, but check out the livejournal to read an awesome entry about The Offspring.

“Each winter the major television networks commission hundreds of specs for television pilots. Each spring a small fraction of those scripts are produced. Of those produced pilots approximately one quarter are 'picked up' and put on the fall schedule. The rest never see the light of day. (The TV Set) is the story of one pilot.”

The prologue pretty much sums it all up. This is a movie about how the TV system works and it was written and directed by a terribly, terribly bitter man.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Go see 'The Future is Unwritten'

I recently did a review of this 2006 film (I guess it's a little late) but with Julien Temple recently announced to create the Kinks biopic, here's a little about his last movie about Joe Strummer.


Punk rock is not dead, no matter what the man tells you, and Julien Temple is punk rock. Temple's film stirs the same powerful forces that The Clash brought up with their music. At the same time there is what came before, remnants of childhood and our parents music. There's what we're doing now, what the government is doing and what our generation needs to know about it. There's where we're going, pushing the boundaries off what our preceding musicians and filmmakers created. And most importantly, he doesn't give a fuck what you think about it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Birth by Blogging


It's okay, calm down, I'm okay. But mark your calendars because today is a new high (low?) for me. I have been typing at this keyboard for ruffly seven hours! "My god man, how is that possible?" you ask. Well, I have learned the art of being a super blogger and I am prepared to share with you the secrets of how to become an internet sensation like you can bet your sweet ass I am soon to become. If you bought Syd Fields' book, then you should be reasonably impressed with my false claims as well, at least enough to read on.

First you need to pick up a computer of some kind with a connection to the internet. It's pretty easy to find one, but keep in mind it needs the following features to function appropriately:

1. It's near a bathroom, or window if you're ballsy
2. You're allowed to consume alcohol and boil water there, which will come later. And
3. There is awesome music nearby.

The music is very important to keep you going through the boring stretches without news and updates. Unfortunately, reputable blog sites (like this one!) don't have a little box to post what your listening to like livejournal does. The reason of course is no one gives a shit about your music taste until you're filthy rich.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Adventure Trip

Tomorrow is the big, weird, day. I'm going to Wisconsin with some folks I don't know to drink some beers! The whole thing started as part of this project for school to create a one-page proposal for a fake company with a group picked by the teacher. I don't know the folks very well, but we decided to to create a brewery, that gives tours no-less. I manage the attached restaurant.

So in the interest of gathering more information (getting shwasted) we decided to tour a brewery. As in, "Ha ha, we should actually go to a brewery, ha ha." But then I got an email saying "We're going to Wisconsin to tour a couple breweries, ones 6 bucks and unlimited beers, the other is free and only three beers, we'll pick you up at 10:30."

I turned to my comp teacher who I think is a really smart guy and a great writer, "Well I'm not doing that." and he was astounded that I wasn't planning on going. He told me "You're a writer, you have to go on this trip." I countered explaining I don't know any of these people and it's a three hour drive with them, to which he responded, "That's why you have to go!"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Writin' Dirty Jokes

Most of today was spent writing dirty jokes for my friend Jeff's stand up routine, soon to be a major motion picture. He's the star of a documentary following the start of a career in the laugh business, and I'm the insurance that he doesn't fall on his ass. Topics included handjobs and condom shopping, as well as other high-brow fare.

We try to write what we know.